Intermission Recipe

​I’ve been getting antsy about when we’re getting together to cook our next Betty’s BFF’s meal, and so decided to try out a side dish recipe of sweet and sour coleslaw from the Betty Crocker Red Book. I’ve been staring at the recipes in this book for weeks and I’m genuinely excited to try all of them!

I made hot ham and cheese sandwich’s (my own recipe) and this coleslaw as a side dish. It was delicious! My 14 year old daughter, and harsh food critic, even stated that if I made coleslaw like that more often she would be apt to eat more of it!

sweet and sour coleslaw

A crisp, light, flavorful side dish. This coleslaw is a keeper. Differing from a creamy coleslaw this recipe is one that I can see many great uses for. I would even substitute this for the saurkraut on a reuben, it’s just that great!

Below you’ll find the link to this recipe, courtesy of Betty Crocker! Happy Cooking and Enjoy!


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