A new adventure in food! 

And we are up to this year’s content! I have couple of older posts left but nothing we can’t live without. So here’s a recap…to bring us up to date.
​I haven’t posted in quite some time as you can see, but I assure you I have occasionally kept busy in my kitchen, and haven’t lost my flare for baking scrumptious goodies!

Life has been busy though and I find I have less and less time for my favorite hobby. My husband and I own a business and keeping it up and running smoothly is a time consuming (although very rewarding) process. In my haste to build a bigger better business I have found that I have not really enjoyed my time in the kitchen lately. I feel rushed to get dinner done and move on to planning my next day. It just isn’t the same. My kitchen is not the haven it once was, and I wanted that fun, feeling back!

So, here I am blogging about my next great kitchen adventure. One that will seem pretty familiar as there was a movie that came out about another blogger who did this very same thing. The movie, in case you’re wondering, was “Julia and Julia”. The story of a women who once cooked her way through an entire Julia Childs cookbook.  You can certainly guess by now what I am preparing to do but, there is a twist of course. I will be cooking all of the recipes in the Betty Crocker Red Book Edition, with my very best friend at my side. Amber Campbell is my “BFF” and now she and I are Betty’s new BFF’s! Amber does not care to cook, although she does like to bake. I quite enjoy both and am looking forward to learning a few new things, and maybe… just maybe… finding my kitchen bliss again.

This week’s menu:

Roasted Garlic

Grilled Vegetables

And and “heirloom” recipe Meatloaf

I’ll post a few pictures, as we go! Wish me luck, the prospect of cooking an entire cookbooks worth of recipes is very exciting!


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