Rosemary and Maple Glazed Porkchops with Creamy Apple Salad

Adding a little sweetness to your meal is never as easy as it is with pork! I often pare this protein with apples, pears, and now maple flavors! The combination of sweet and savory is amazing!

This meal is a simple to prepare crowd pleaser with a little wow factor because the flavors make it seem like a complicated dish, when in fact it’s easy peasy! So prepare and serve for your family meal or as a dinner party fave this is a diverse dish with lots of flavor!

Here’s what you’ll need:

For couscous

1tsp vutter

3/4 c couscous

1/2 tsp fresh rosemary

3/4c. Water

The whites of two green onions or scallions chopped (save the greens aside chopped)

In a small sauce pan add 1 tsp butter, rosemary, and scallions. Cook until fragrant about one minute. Add couscous and 3/4c of water. Bring to a bowl cover and remove from heat set aside.

For pork chops

2 medium boneless porkchops about 1/2in. Thick

1 tsp butter

2 Tbsp sugar free maple syrup

1 Tbsp bouillon concentrate

1Tbsp white wine vinegar


1/2 tsp fresh chopped rosemary

Salt and pepper

Pat pork chops dry with a paper towel, and salt and pepper both sides. In a medium sauce pan add butter until melted. Add pork chops, cooking on medium high heat 2-3 minutes eaxh side turning once. Remove to a plate. Turn heat down slightly to medium add maple syrup, boullion concentrate, vinegar, water, and rosemary. Slowly increase heat until mixture is bubbly, reduce over heat until thickened. Add pork chops, turning to coat.

For salad

2c. Mixed Spring greens

1 med. Apple chopped (I used gala)

2 Tbsp Mayonnaise

1 tsp white wine vinegar

Salt and pepper

In a medium bowl combine mayo, salt pepper and vinegar. Add greens and chopped apple toss to coat.

You’re ready to plate! Place couscous on plate and spoon sauce from pork chops over top, top with pork chop and sprinkle scallion greens on top. Serve with apple salad! Enjoy!!

Betty’s BFF’s are back!…what cookies??

So after a very long liason, my bff Amber and I decided to continue our Betty Crocker Adventure! Tonight we ventured back into the kitchen and live on Facebook with a few new recipes. Some we’re perfectly delicious others….are probably not our strongest kitchen performance lol! 

So what’s on tonight’s menu? How about Panfried Pork Chops With Cider Sauce, Seven Layer Salad, and for a sweet touch Betty Crocker’s heirloom recipe for chocolate chip cookies! 

The seven layer salad went together quick, was simple, and tasted fabulous! Other versions of this that I have had included hard boiled egg, but this was a really nice combo of veggies. The peas were a sweet contrast to the salty bacon, and the radishes and celery added a nice crisp bite! 

Recipe is here:

Our main course consisted of seasoned bone in pork chops with a yummy cider sauce! I used my favorite enameled cast iron pan to fry up these tasty chops, if you don’t have a cast iron pan I highly recommend that you get one, Target has them at very reasonable prices! 

The chops we’re juicy well seasoned and the sauce added a nice tart little kick but wasn’t overpowering, I would definately make this again! 

Recipe here:

Now let’s talk about these cookies…I can’t help but chuckle just at the thought! We blew it with the cookies folks! This was definitely a baking fail for me lol! The first batch went into the oven and came out of the oven looking exactly the same! They were bready, dry, cookies balls lol! 

So, we tried again hahaha! No good this batch turned into one huge cookie spread out all over the pan, but it tasted really good! 

I guess this recipe will need a replay at a later date! Here’s the link if you’d like to give it a try for yourself!

Otherwise a successful meal that we all enjoyed! Happy cooking folks!