Slow Blogger Here…

It has been a whirlwind year. I feel like 2018 now way more than half finished has seriously blown past me.

The garden center attempted to stay open all year for the first time in our history and although we saw a few familiar faces now and again, we have decided that for January and Early February in the future we will likely be closed. This gives Andy and I a much needed mental and physical break before hitting the busy stride of the Spring/Summer Season.

I have done a little cooking and baking but really not much. I’m thinking about working through a couple of cooking or baking series for you all… maybe a fall cookie week, or eggs many ways ( I love eggs)… I’m still kicking around some ideas, and am open to suggestions if you have any. Otherwise my poor kitchen has been a revolving door of the plain old usual, nothing fun to report for now.

This Wednesday my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. We made our annual trip to Las Vegas for some fun. I’ll put together a separate trip post to share with you. I also have a couple of reviews on some of the places we visited while we were there that I’ll share too.

This past weekend was the annual Jackson County Relay For Life. Our team met our $1000 goal, and I am anxious for the final team meeting to see where the final tally lands for the event overall. It’s always a fun and inspiring time, and we really enjoy participating.

And, finally it’s PAGEANT WEEK! Our daughter Brianna is competing as a top ten finalist in the Jackson County Teen USA pageant and I could not be more excited for her! I love pageant week! She has rehearsal daily this week, and Friday night is the big night to cheer her on! She’s a bright beautiful girl and I’m sure she will do great!

My New Year’s resolutions are doing ok…. lol. I think I might actually be turning into a morning person believe it or not, I continue to work out fairly regularly, and now if I could jut make some time for some of my hobbies I’ll be a happy camper. I think that is all I have to report on for now. Let me know your thoughts about a cooking/ baking series for this fall I think if I provide myself with a specific thing to do it will force me to actually do it lol. I’ll post a vacay update, and those reviews soon. Thanks for continuing to support my blogging adventure! Bye for now!

My blog in update format…

I hate when I fall behind and have to blog in updates… I haven’t posted in a couple months as things have been crazy as usual so here it is the big update.

We hosted our annual Halloween party and it was a blast! We had a steampunk carnival theme and I was the ring master. A lot of fun was had by all and next year’s theme…drumroll…masquerade! I can’t wait! Here are a few pics from this year’s party! 

Once past Halloween, my bff Amber and I had a couple of bff craft nights, we made college football themed door wreaths and in gearing up for Christmas we made gingerbread houses! 

The garden center has been busy too! We hand make a huge selection of holiday wreaths and decorations! It’s my favorite season because the creative limitations are lifted! 

I’m now in full blown Christmas panic trying to get everything finished before Christmas next Monday! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday season! Here is a picture of the front porch decor, our visit to the community Christmas tree lighting, Nite Lights, and of course my Christmas tree. I’ll be posting more over the next several months! Happy Holidays everyone! 

A little baggage update

Thought I’d provide a baggage claim update… As you may know I recently (January 20th) travelled to Las Vegas with my husband and my luggage didn’t make the trip. More than that though it seems to have made the ultimate trip because Spirit Airlines us still unable to locate my bag.

I went through the lengthy process of completing the list baggage claim form with an itemized list of my belongings that were in the bag. Not including items not covered for reimbursement per Spirit Airlines policy. Those items included cosmetics, and electronics (a.k.a. my curling iron). Which as you may know are costly items. Once completing my list I had to have it notarized…yes notarized…and mailed it out with my receipts via certified mail. I received confirmation that they received my claim on Feb 2nd 2017. Per their policy they have 30 days from receipt of the claim to remedy the problem.

About 2 weeks after receiving my claim I got an email from Jessica. Jessica is now in charge of my case an she assures me she is working diligently to find my bag…ok…it’s only been missing now for three weeks! Good luck with that Jennifer!

A couple days later, Jessica contacted me again regarding my claim. I had listed a few items on my claim that were valued at more than $50. So she needs original receipts for those items. I don’t have original receipts for those things as I had owned them for about one year now.
One of the items was a faux suede jacket. I purchased it at a local Maurice’s store and it was one of my favorites. So I sent Jennifer a message with a picture of me wearing the jacket and a picture of the jacket with the listed price from the store website.

I even offered in my response that as I did not have the original receipt I would accept the minimum allowed reimbursement of $50.

Her response…”I’m sorry but per our company policy this is not enough to justify reimbursement. Without the original receipt we won’t be able to provide reimbursement for these items.”

My response…”No compensation at all seems a little ridiculous. I have a number of items that were in that bag that aren’t listed as part of your policy for example cosmetics, curling irons, and other clothing items that I’m sure I’m not accurately remembering going off my memory. But my shape wear and that jacket were definitely in there, and worth more than the $50 maximum for items without receipt. I feel that considering I don’t keep receipts on such things for more than a month or two compensating me at the minimum rate is something that Spirit Airlines should definitely compensate me for. Especially since this entire ordeal completely ruined my entire trip!”

Jessica’s response to my response: “Hi Courtney,I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately, I am unable to change the policy. We are still tracing your luggage and I will continue to update you.”

And my response: “If not properly compensated I may be forced to take legal action against Spirit Airlines. Thank you.”

And that’s where we are! It’s been 4 more days and no more information. I’ll continue to wait until we’ve met the thirty day resolution timeline. But, so far not very impressed. Hopefully Spirit Airlines provides me with a happy ending to this story. What are your thoughts?