Hurst Planetarium-Grand reopening!

@Tour_the_town had an educational afternoon today! Now, I’m not much of an astronomy buff but I enjoy sciency things and when I heard that the Hurst Planetarium was hosting a grand re-opening event today, just days before the Blood Wolf Super Moon Eclipse, I thought what a perfect time to feature them here!

Named after Peter F. Hurst the planetarium was part of a project started in 1967. It was added to the Ella Sharp Museum grounds, and based in part by the nation’s excitement over the growing space program. In July 1969 during the Apollo 11 moon landing, attendance at the planetarium soared. Officials estimated that more than 15,000 visitors, including 11,883 students, used it that year.

The planetarium is a museum focal point surrounded by amazing art and near the rose gardens.

The planetarium underwent a huge facelift in 2018, making it more accessible for families and the handicapped. They upgraded the interactive projection system in the dome observatory room. And will be adding some new interactive displays to other areas of the building.

Tonight’s Grand Reopening included a few words for the Museum board and from Tony Hurst the son of Peter Hurst namesake of the planetarium. They performed a ribbon cutting and showed us the technology of the new system and I have to say it’s pretty amazing!

The Hurst planetarium holds viewing events on Thursday and Sunday evenings. You can find more information on their website.


Find them on facebook

They are hosting a special event on Sunday January 20th from 9p-12am this will be an opportunity to view the Blood Wolf Super Moon Eclipse! Hope you enjoyed our visit as much as we did! Touring our town is so much fun! Follow us on instagram for behind the scenes photos and more!


A quick get away

As I mentioned in my intro blog. One of my favorite things to do is travel with my family. We have been to Jamaica, Mexico, the Bahamas and all over the US. My all time favorite place to go though is Las Vegas!

I love the energy, the weather, and the give your all entertainment value!

This past weekend my husband and I decided to take advantage of some warmer MI weather (which means a slow work week for him) and head out to Las Vegas!

This might not be the post you were expecting though…

I promise I will give you some amazing tips and tricks in a later post, but this trip was SO different!

First off it was a quick get away in every sense. We flew out via Spirit Airlines on Saturday morning and arrived in Las Vegas around 12pm just one problem….my luggage didn’t make the DIRECT flight with me! You heard that right it was a direct flight no layovers no changing planes…no weird flight delays…they just didn’t put my bag on the plane. They stated it should come in on the later evening flight. OK….off to the hotel!

We stayed at Harrah’s hotel and casino this time. A much older resort compared to some that we have stayed but it’s in a great location center strip! We arrived and we’re checked in without a problem. Arrived to our balcony room. The room was small and the balcony is standing room only lol…but it’s always nice to be able to open the door for some fresh air.

Upon further inspection the safe in our room was not working…we travel with cell phones, extra cash, and a laptop so the safe is important. We called the desk and within minutes the staff arrived to attempt a fix. Unfortunately the part needed to fix it was unavailable and so we were promptly moved to a new room with a working safe. The staff was exceptionally nice and worked without delay!

The second room was identically set up, and the safe was in working order. Harrah’s is indeed in need of a make over though. They have a new tower opening soon with newly renovated rooms but this was not it…there were dents in the walls, stains on the carpet, and stains inside the dresser drawers (more than one). Not 5 star accommodation for sure. The bathroom was small and there is a dark colored shower curtain and no lighting in the shower stall itself. Even with the bathroom light it was like showering in a cave lol.

And at one point even the cups we were drinking from were leaking! Seriously!

So what were the positives…

#1 the staff, always friendly, courteous, helpful. Top notch better than some of the nicer places I’ve stayed even!

#2 the location, you can’t beat the location of this hotel!

#3 Fulton Street Food Court, excellent food 24hours a day at good prices

#4 the piano bar, a fun interactive entertainment opportunity

#5 Toby Keith Bar and Grill, live music nightly and excellent specialty drinks! Try the Georgia Peach it’s awesome!

We shopped…mostly for clothes since mine never arrived…you heard that right! My luggage is still missing and I am now home! But picked up a couple nice gifts for the kiddos too…

We visited the Bellagio Gardens, ate at Nacho Daddy, and Enjoyed the night life and knocked another item off our list by riding on the high roller, a very large Ferris wheel/ observation ride. It’s also awesome, and a great way to see the city!

We did a little gambling and rested up for our busy Spring schedule ahead…it’s amazing what a weekend away can do for you! Even if you only had 3 outfits to choose from lol!

Here’s to Vegas, and hopefully getting positive reimbursement from Spirit Airlines after this debacle…I’ll blog some about that later…Happy Travels everyone!