Sometimes Pinterest wins my heart

So while on IG recently I came across a recipe that was blindingly pretty to look at. You know what I mean…it was a scroll stopper!

My interest peaked and so I clicked to see the recipe which took me to pinterest and finally to the recipe! It’s here I found a super simple dessert with lots of design Wow factor! My first thought…. “I think I can pull this off!!”

So I gave it a go! And here was I learned!

#1 my knife skills are not as good as theirs…or maybe they “cheated” and used a mandoline

#2 knowing how long is long enough to microwave apples until “pliable” is very a tricky observation to make.

And #3 Apples add water and will increase baking time!

Other than these few things it came out great! And I encourage you to search for this recipe as described above and give it a try, you can easily find it on Pinterest. The recipe is not mine and I did not request permission to publish it myself so…sorry but you’ll have to look that one up! Enjoy it though! It was very good!!

OK Instagram…Let’s have a talk…

I swear lately when I get on Instagram all I see are these stupid giveaway loops! Stop…stop… just stop it! I don’t want you to buy my friendship with Home goods, sephora, raedunn, and other super trendy stuff!!!

I seriously went on an “unfriending” frenzy one day when it took 14!! posts to get to an actual instagram post! What!

Win me over with your amazing use of grown up filters instagram…not this cheap attempt at buying my love. Lol!

Blog crush

I love love love to read new blogs! I enjoy seeing what other people are up to, what’s trending in the world’s of art, design, decor, fashion, and food! I don’t even have a specific genre that I follow If I read a little bit and like it I follow along….but there are a few that I’m totally crushing on, and can’t seem to get enough of, so I’d thought I’d share them with you so you can stalk them too…makes me seem less weird that way lol

Here are my top 3… Right now, they change all the time but that gives me reason to share some others with you later lol…
#3 The pioneer woman. This is a huge mainstream, business machine, and a “Ree” of sunshine all at the same time. 

Author Ree Drummond offers a lot life spice everything from her family farm, entertaining, and the very best of the best in home cooking! 

She has her own television show “The Pioneer Woman” and recently opened the PW Mercantile in her home state of OK. You can buy her cookware, bakeware and accessories at your local WalMart.

If you don’t follow her your missing out. Check out

#2 Haneen’s  Haven, this gal cracks me up! I love her energy and realness. 

Author Haneen Matt is a wife, mom, and design blogger with Home Goods connections and I just love her. She’s inspiring. 

I first found Haneen on instagram where she has featured pictures of her gorgeous jewel toned home, and shares bits of her fabulous life and family in her daily stories. 

Her current obsessions include great music to keep her motivated, and ruffles on everything lol!

Check her out online at, @haneens_haven on instagram

#1 Inspired By Charm, this is my number one blog crush and when you see it you’ll know why but really doesn’t the name say it all? 

Author Michael Wurm Jr. is an entertaining guru with a fabulous house perfectly detailed with pops of color and fun art accents…but there’s more he cooks too!! 

I very much enjoy his writing and style, I love that he sells unique decor items on his site, and hosts regular contests and giveaways it’s a very engaging website. I think you’ll like it.

I first encountered Inspired by Charm on Pinterest where I began to obsessively repin everything he posted…Seriously so cute! 

You will definitely be inspired with Michael find him at