Keeping things light!

Hey Gang! If your in need of a distraction for the next few weeks give me a like save share! I’m about to fill this feed up with some new recipes, crafts, and great Spring gardening info! Who’s ready?!

Time for an update! 

I haven’t abandoned my blog I promise! It’s been a crazy couple weeks preparing things at the garden center for another busy season! We’re starting to receive regular deliveries of new Spring products and once the fickle Michigan weather calms down we expect a fantastic kick off!

I love getting all the fresh product in, but my favorite thing to receive…The Flowers! I got my first shipment in today and now I feel like it’s finally here! Spring is upon us and I can get excited about it again!

April and May are so busy you might not here from me very often but I promise to document my adventures as things calm down again! Talk to you soon!

Spring Dreamin’

I can’t believe it’s only February 17th! I think this is the longest winter in history…

What makes it seem long I think is the coldish weather, too cold to be outside but too warm to really feel like winter, and the lack of snow in mid-michigan. So all I can do is dream a little dream of Spring…

I mentioned in my intro that my husband and I own a business. More specifically we own a landscape company and a garden center. So as you can imagine Spring is kind of a big deal!

We’ve been running the numbers for the season and making bigger better plans! We’re expanding several segments of our business. Including house plants and Tropical’s, as well as establishing an awesome year round gift boutique! More surprises to come but I’m getting excited!

Happy New Year!

Another New Year with a fresh start and some amazing possibilities!

I love the new year holiday, it fills me with the hope of dreaming bigger dreams, and being a better person than the year before.

So let’s get right to it! Resolutions!! I have to be honest in that I have never really had a new year resolution before. This year though I contemplated the things holding me back from some of my greatest achievements, and I’m making some changes! Gonna need some coffee for this one.

I am going to turn myself into a morning person. For those who know me try to hold off on the hysterical laughter… I want to find a way to enjoy my early mornings. I plan to get up daily at 6:30am, early but not too early lol. A cup of coffee and a quiet moment to review my plan for the day ahead. This comes to my second resolution, getting organized…again try to stop laughing 😁.

Since this is a bit of a confession here it goes. I procrastinate…a lot. I always seem to think I can get to it later and then my mind jumbles up with a hundred other things and the first task gets lost in the fray. So no more of that this is the year of getting things done, and getting them done now!

Lastly, I’m going to do more of what I love. I’m going to cook, and bake, and Garden, and read good books. I’m going to find my way back to feeling like me again, I’ve been a little off my game the past couple years, maybe for good reason, but maybe not and I intend to make myself whole again.

I started already with a nice update on the house. Our main family room got a much needed upgrade and I’m feeling great about this fresh new zone I’m in.

So here’s to a happy new year! For all of us! Talk to you all soon!!

Just Little Ole Me

This page will feature some of my own adventures, and words of wisdom.

I am a Mom and Wife living in mid-Michigan, I’ve held a variety of jobs in my career and am currently managing the garden center owned by my husband and I. Our oldest son is 18 years old and works along side us, and our daughter is an outgoing 14 year old currently experience the joys of her freshman year of high school.

I enjoy travelling, gardening, cooking, baking, crafting, and entertaining! I’m excited to share some of me with you. More to come soon!

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