Autumn decor inspiration

The Autumn decor trends are now readily available in stores and I found myself truly excited tonight over one particular display at TJ Maxx! 

It was gorgeous!! The blue green tones with soft iridescent oranges, gold accents, and even burlap!

I was positively giddy rearranging their display to see how I could pair things up at home lol! I love this time of year! Happy Fall Y’all!! 

Lighting up a room

Sometimes all you need is a great light fixture to add something special to a room. @kathykuohome shared this gorgeous pic on instagram and I keep noticing so many great things about it. 

The subtle patterns mixed in, the pops of green color, and great art! But I really love this chandelier! Light fixtures can make all the difference ina room, and when remodeling or redesigning consider the impact they can have! They can make a small room seem large and bright or bring down the scale to make a warm cozy spot in your home. This one just really sings to me! What do you think?