Guy Fieri’s Las Vegas Bar and Grill- Review

Each visit to Las Vegas is like a little mini food vacation too. We always seem to find that one place that was just the highlight from a food standpoint. On this trip it was celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s Las Vegas Bar and Grill. You probably know of Guy Fieri from the popular Food Network Program; Diner’s, Drive-in’s, and Dives. Guy has traveled all over the world sampling the best of every region he visits!


The restaurant itself is located in the Linq Hotel and Casino, and features a large outdoor patio dining area that faces Carnival Court Bar, and Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. We have walked passed this place a thousand times, usually right after eating somewhere else and each time had said..” Ah, we should have eaten here!” It always appeared to have a fun, and relaxing atmosphere.

We found our way there right at lunch time, it was busy and there was an estimated 20min wait. We were patient and waited, they seated us within the estimated time. The staff was friendly and professional. The restaurant itself although busy didn’t feel cramped or chaotic. We requested patio seating, and enjoyed some people watching while we ate.

The menu was great, lots of options, they had gluten free, and vegetarian options marked. They had a full bar, and we enjoyed some beer with our lunch. My husband ordered the Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger, and I ordered the Vegan Burrito.

My husband talked about this burger for the rest of our trip lol. He loved it! He compared all other foods to it for the rest of our trip! I’m not even joking we ate at another burger place and he said it was good but not Guy Fieri good. So apparently the Mac N Cheese Burger is sure winner! The Vegan burrito was a little on the dry side some pico de gallo would have gone a long way, but it was filling and still flavorful.

All in all this is a great place to stop for a bite while in Vegas, I highly recommend it and my husband would definitely say order the Mac N Cheese Burger. The bill was reasonable for Vegas, and we left quite satisfied with our experience there. Enjoy!

Wet Burritos

Time to vear away from chicken for a minute. Tonight’s dinner consists of wet Burritos! 

I actually did a little research because as an at home chef I wasn’t particularly clear on what the difference may be between the wet burrito and an enchilada. Turns out wet Burritos are traditionally made with flour tortillas and enchiladas usually use corn tortillas. It also my new understanding that enchiladas don’t usually have cheese on top. Otherwise they are fairly similar. A filled tortilla topped with a red chili pepper sauce. 

Here is what you’ll need! 

10 flour tortillas

1lb ground beef browned and drained

1 pkg precooked wild rice

1/2 can refried beans

1 md onion chopped

1 can enchilada sauce

2c mozzarella cheese

Shredded lettuce 

Sour cream

Optional diced tomatoes and sliced black olives

In a large sauce pan brown and drain the meat add onion, rice and beans heat through. Add filling to shells, roll up and place in a 9*13 baking pan. Once all shells are filled pour sauce over them and top with cheese. Bake 350°F for 10minutes or until cheese is melted and slightly browned. 

Top with lettuce and a dolup of sour cream and serve immediately! Enjoy!