The finale! So How did Spirit Airlines Do?!

I gently reminded our friends at Spirit Airlines that they’re self imposed 30 day deadline was approaching for resolution of my baggage claim, and that I wanted an update as to how they intended to finalize the matter.

I had sent my request to my baggage resolution specialist Jessica and received a prompt response back from Sean. Sean stated that Jessica was out of the office and that he would be happy to submit my request to close out the claim and would notify me of my settlement as soon as possible.

Then a miracle happened! Within a few hours…yes hours not days…I got another email from Sean. With pretty great news! Just a recap…Spirit Airlines lost my bag on it’s way to a nonstop flight from Detroit to Las Vegas on January 20th. I went my entire 4 day trip without my luggage. You can read more about this adventure in my two prior posts, linked here.
My original requested reimbursement was just over $1400.00. So what did they do? Glad you asked! My reimbursed amount…drumroll…$1341.97! Plus reimbursement of $42.00 for both my baggage fees and my husband’s baggage fees for the trip, plus $7.71 for my certified mail fee, PLUS two $100 flight vouchers!

So my total reimbursement (providing that I take advantage of the flight vouchers) is actually just over $1500. More than what I had originally asked for! I also wanted to mention that the issue with my $68 jacket was resolved with reimbursement of the minimum $49.99 for not having an original receipt.

I think the lesson in this is a couple of things. #1 Shit happens, roll with it try not to let it ruin a good time. #2 Companies create processes like these to get people to give up before they ever start, so be persistent! #3 when checking bags create a list of items in the bag in case you need it later, this tip would have helped me tremendously!

Spirit Airlines, you did it! You provided me with the happy ending that I think all of humanity needed! And I hope when someone loses their luggage they google the issue and find this story instead of the nightmares that I found lol! Well done, although a lengthy process that could probably be improved, I am satisfied with the outcome!
I see a shopping spree coming in my near future!


  1. I’m glad the outcome. But you are extremely correct they definitely make it difficult for people just give up. Also this long drawn-out process makes the ending scene more euphoric than it really is for example if it said okay here’s your $1,400 thank you very much after just a a few Days Inn that was that you would think oh okay I got the value of my stuff back. But since it was so drawn out it feels like a miracle.

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