Today our daughter Brianna kicked off pageant season with an introductional meeting at one of the local high schools. The aim of this meeting was to provide the rules, meet and greet the director and her assistants, as well as the other candidates. They were given a list of upcoming event dates as well. It looks like we’re off to a great start!

Brianna is not new to the pageant scene, she was in her first pageant at age five! Taking a top ten title in the little miss sunshine pageant! She was so little and so cute!!

This led to many other pageant opportunities and she always had a blast! She won most photogenic a year later…

And won her first title Miss Junior Jackson County the year after that!

She continued on for a another couple seasons before taking a quick break.

Now we’re at a whole new level of competition. We’re playing for more than crowns and trophies. She is now participating for real scholarship money and the opportunity to represent Jackson County at the State level competition! It’s so exciting to watch how she has grown since starting these so many years ago! Good luck baby girl on your road to the crown! Next up head shots, I’ll post more on this soon! We love you, Bri!!

Smith’s Antiques

I love love love visiting antique marts all over the US. We recently took a quick family vacation to Miramar Beach Florida, and found Smith’s Antique Mall while on our stay! 

This is a big antique mall that looks small from the outside. They carry everything from furniture, to jewelry, and everything in between. I took a few pictures of my favorite pieces, to share with you! 

I posted earlier about the boho bead trend. Snazzy little beads used in a variety of ways in your home decor! Well…I found an amped up version made from sea glass!!! They are gorgeous! 

I also found a variety of furniture pieces that I’d love to have but was pretty sure wouldn’t fit in my car to get them home lol! 

 Aside from my furniture obessesion there were also a ton of Nick nacky items that I would surely have collected if not for my husband reminding me of all the things I have now that I don’t use lol!!! 

Antique marts are a great way to update home decor on a budget! Hope you find the perfect treasure on your own next adventure. Enjoy everyone!!! 

A quick get away…

As Spring fast approaches we’re scrambling to get our feet under us at the garden center. Confirming staff returning and bringing in new help where needed…placing orders…Cleaning greenhouses…The hectic busy season will be here before we know it!

So when offered an opportunity to take a few days in sunny Florida with family how could we say no!

So we packed up and drove down to Miramar Beach FL on Sunday morning bright an early. It’s a 15hour drive through Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama before arriving in our final destination where Andy’s Mom and Dad were waiting to greet us!

We only intended to spend a couple days before heading back and it turned out to be a much needed restful break. We spent the first day relaxing, watching a couple movies, and touring the grounds of the Hidden Dunes Condo Community. It is such a pretty area! Even if the weather was a little gray that first day, we enjoyed every relaxing minute.

Day two we went out for a bit of shopping and exploring, we visited a fantastic antique shop one of my favorite passed times! A nice dinner out and just laughing and having a great time with our family. And a quick trip to the beach with Andy and Brianna. There is really nothing better.

As Spring break season rolls in I hope all of our friends and family find time to sit back and smell the roses for a minute. You’ll be surprised how much good a quick trip can do for you! I’m ready for Spring bring it on!!

Spring Tablescapes

I was doing a little shopping today, while waiting in line for the DMV, and came across the most beautiful irridescent dinner plates. 

It made me think about all the teasers on Instagram right now for Spring tablescapes. I am amazed at everyone’s creativity when it comes to seasonal home decor like this. So I thought I would share a couple of my favorites. 

@kitchen2table offered this simple, beautiful setting I loved the little tulip in the napkin. It sort of romanticizes the whole thing. 

Others like @wsbirkdalevillage, and @toniabulhoes offered a little whimsy in there plate selection. I love the bunnies by the way! 

Two of my faves are not letting me down! @inspiredbycharm and @haneens_haven are rocking it! The grass placements are such a cute idea, and that copper bunny on Michael’s table is perfection! 

Maybe I’ll save a few pennies and go back to buy my irridescent beauties to give the Spring tablescapes a try. The creativity of it all is really inspiring! 

Sunday Dinner

Growing up Sunday Dinner was always sort of a better amped up version of everyday dinner. Something better than just your everyday casserole. I always appreciated the extra effort that went into preparing a nice Sunday dinner. 

Yesterday my husband mention that a good brisket would be nice or maybe a pork tenderloin… So I went to the store this morning and picked up few things to make his Sunday dinner dreams come true. I decided on the beef brisket and immediately referenced my Betty Crocker Red Book hoping to knock another recipe of the list!

Here is the link to the recipe that I used for Onion and Pepper Braised Brisket!
I want to talk a little about choosing the correct type of brisket. You’ll notice the recipe specifically states not corned beef brisket. So what’s the difference, glad you asked! Corned beef brisket has been heavily brined or soaked in a salty solution to tenderize and flavor the meat. Using this product will make a very different dish! So be sure to get a regular beef brisket. My grocer did not have a brisket available so I am substituting with a top roast. If you need to substitute try to find a cut like Top Roast or Rump Roast that have similar fat content and good marbling. 

The recipe I am using takes about three hours but read the instructions carefully because some recipes can take as much as 11 hours! This includes some marinating time to help tenderize the meat, and may need to be started the night before cooking. So double check your recipe and plan accordingly! 

This is a flavorful recipe, the meat turned out great, juicy and delicious, although a little spicy! I think next time half the chili sauce and add some tomato sauce to it.Happy Sunday! Enjoy!!

A Burger Craving

The semi-warm, semi-cold weather has me wishing the Michigan climates would make up their mind just be Springy already! I desperately want to get my grill out and have been dying to make some good burgers. The weather is good enough to cook on the grill but not good enough for me to go outside and man the grill lol! I hate even a little bit of cold in the air.

In order to satisfy my craving without making too much of a mess in the kitchen, because let’s face it cooking burgers in the house is a greasy mess regardless of your technique for doing so. I decided to make a fresh turkey burger on King Hawaiian bread rolls, with a side of mustard potato salad! Yum!


Here’s what you’ll need for this super flavorful burger.

1 lb Ground turkey

1 small bunch of green onions, chopped

1/4 c of chopped fresh spinach

2 Tbsp of White Chicken Chili seasoning mix

1/4 c of Cheddar Jack Cheese Crumbles

2 cloves of fresh garlic

1 large egg

salt and pepper to taste…go easy on the pepper though the chili seasoning has a pretty strong flavor!

1 package of King Hawaiian bread rolls



honey mustard

In a large mixing bowl combine the turkey, green onions, spinach, chili seasoning, garlic, egg, salt and pepper. Stir together until well combined. Add the cheese crumbles last and mix until combined. Form into small patties, place on a foil lined pan (for easier cleaning) and bake in a 350F oven for about 12-15 minutes on each side or until brown on each side, and inside temp is at least 160F. Serve on King Hawaiian rolls with lettuce tomato and honey mustard! enjoy!!


The finale! So How did Spirit Airlines Do?!

I gently reminded our friends at Spirit Airlines that they’re self imposed 30 day deadline was approaching for resolution of my baggage claim, and that I wanted an update as to how they intended to finalize the matter.

I had sent my request to my baggage resolution specialist Jessica and received a prompt response back from Sean. Sean stated that Jessica was out of the office and that he would be happy to submit my request to close out the claim and would notify me of my settlement as soon as possible.

Then a miracle happened! Within a few hours…yes hours not days…I got another email from Sean. With pretty great news! Just a recap…Spirit Airlines lost my bag on it’s way to a nonstop flight from Detroit to Las Vegas on January 20th. I went my entire 4 day trip without my luggage. You can read more about this adventure in my two prior posts, linked here.
My original requested reimbursement was just over $1400.00. So what did they do? Glad you asked! My reimbursed amount…drumroll…$1341.97! Plus reimbursement of $42.00 for both my baggage fees and my husband’s baggage fees for the trip, plus $7.71 for my certified mail fee, PLUS two $100 flight vouchers!

So my total reimbursement (providing that I take advantage of the flight vouchers) is actually just over $1500. More than what I had originally asked for! I also wanted to mention that the issue with my $68 jacket was resolved with reimbursement of the minimum $49.99 for not having an original receipt.

I think the lesson in this is a couple of things. #1 Shit happens, roll with it try not to let it ruin a good time. #2 Companies create processes like these to get people to give up before they ever start, so be persistent! #3 when checking bags create a list of items in the bag in case you need it later, this tip would have helped me tremendously!

Spirit Airlines, you did it! You provided me with the happy ending that I think all of humanity needed! And I hope when someone loses their luggage they google the issue and find this story instead of the nightmares that I found lol! Well done, although a lengthy process that could probably be improved, I am satisfied with the outcome!
I see a shopping spree coming in my near future!